Is there a need for libraries. Within the world today technology has improved exponentially, which leaves resources of the world untouched such as libraries. According to critics and “people” of the 21st century libraries are outdated but I disagree with that, yes you could always go on the internet to read or to gather information but for […]

How do robert browning and shakespeare show hate. controlled assessment. .I believe that within Julius Caesar Shakespeare shows us that hate can come out of love and sometimes love can lead to jealousy, envy and betrayal which in turn creates hate  Love leads   to betrayal in Julius Caesar but with in Robert Browning poems I think that he is trying to say […]

Nine years ago an article was written by John Humphry explaining how the modern users of language are “raping” our vocabulary due to the slight changes of language such as the use of abbreviation and the removal of hyphens. According to John Humphry the “traditional” English language is  dying out due to the laziness of […]

This passage shows me that Miss Maudie believes that the people in Maycomb are isolated and do not know how to think for themselves , but always follow what other people think even if it’s  the wrong thing or it’s bad. “We’re the safest people in the world” when Miss Maudie says this I believe […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway